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When is a signal person required?

A signal person is required when:

  • The point of operation is not in full view of the operator (1926.1419(a)).
  • The operator’s view is obstructed in the direction the equipment is traveling.
  • Either the operator or the person handling the load determines that a signal person is needed because of site-specific safety concerns.

crane signalman osha fact sheet

Does Certified = Qualified?

As is the case with riggers, holding a certain certification does not necessarily mean that a signalperson is qualified. Below are some of the skills and knowledge that a person must have in order to be a qualified signalperson.

  • Understands the signals used at a specific work site
  • Displays a competent use of these signals
  • Understands crane dynamics including those involving swinging, raising, lowering, stopping loads and boom deflection
  • Must pass an oral or written test as well as a practical test

How Do You Become Qualified?

There are two ways that an employer can ensure a signalperson is qualified.

  1. Third Party Qualified Evaluator (Which We Are)
  2. Employer’s Qualified Evaluator (We May Be Check With Employer)

What Documentation is Needed?

Documentation proving qualifications must be available at the work site in either paper or electronic form. Documentation must list each specific type of signaling for which the worker is qualified such as hand signals or radio signals.

You Must Be Qualified.

We must emphasize again that the final version of the new OSHA regulations do NOT require riggers or signal persons to be certified. They must, however, be qualified. The best way to assure accuracy and consistency when determining a worker to be qualified is to use a third party qualifying agency for training.

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